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Can health insurance be used?

At this time health insurance is not accepted, however for labs and medication refills, health insurance is generally accepted.

Will I need to be seen in person?

Many of the conditions that are listed can be treated remoted and if in person visit is necessary that will be arranged

Will be the visit be confidential and private?

Services are encrypted and fully HIPAA-compliant and all information gathered will be private and protected

How soon can I be seen?

Visits can be scheduled same day or for later time depending on thepatients availability

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is a form of medical treatment for illnesses and injuries that are not life-threatening emergencies. In-person urgent care treatment allows patients to walk into a clinic or treatment center in order to receive same-day medical attention. Online urgent care connects a patient to a doctor through a virtual visit on a smartphone or computer.

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

The cost of urgent care at this time start at 50.00, much less than you can expect to pay at in-person urgent care. At this time we do not accept insurance

How Does Online Urgent Care Treatment Work?

Online urgent care appointments allow you to have a virtual doctor’s visit for your medical needs. Here is an overview of how online urgent care treatment at Legacy Health and Wellness clinic works:

– First, you book an appointment with one of our licensed, board-certified doctors. Most appointments are just 15 minutes.

– During your virtual visit, you will speak with your Legacy Health and Wellness clinic physician online through your smartphone or computer. The doctor will listen to your questions and provide you with a diagnosis and care plan.

– The doctor can also prescribe non-controlled medicine and substances, if deemed necessary. Your prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy for same-day pick up.

Can I Get a Prescription Online?

Yes, you can get prescription medication online through a virtual urgent care visit. A prescription will be determined based on the diagnosis given and sent to your local pharmacy. Notification will be given once the prescription is sent.

Should I Go to Urgent Care or the ER?

The emergency room (ER) is meant for serious, life-threatening illnesses and injuries, while urgent care treatment is for less severe, minor conditions. Examples of reasons to go to the ER include chest pains, heart attack, stroke symptoms, major wounds, and severe burns. Urgent care (both in-person and virtual) can treat conditions such as the flu, common cold, ear infections, sinus infections, minor cuts, and urinary tract infections.

How do I get my labs done?

Getting labs is quite simple at Legacy Health and Wellness Clinic. First schedule an appointment and a doctor will discuss the labs you desire and orders will be placed and sent to the nearest laboratory near you. Once results become available labs are sent out immediately. Cost for labs vary as most laboratories do accept health insurance which may or may not cover to total cost of the labs. For those without insurance the we will work to help reduce out of pocket pay for our patients

Are Follow up Appointment available?

Although we are not geared to provide ongoing medical care there can be scheduled follow up appointments for a small fee of 25 dollars